Home care agencies: how does music help with the mental health of seniors

Home care agencies can use music as a powerful force that can bring back heartwarming memories, create strong emotions, and provide a way to express yourself. It is not a surprise, with this kind of impact, that music can be an effective therapy tool.

In the past century, the music therapy field has grown significantly. It is now being used in community centers, schools, and assisted living centers. Music can give an outlet for socialization, creativity, and mental stimulation for older adults, who will experience a great benefit from listening to music.

Music and dementia and Alzheimer’s

Cognitive difficulties such as difficulty learning and memory loss, as well as forgetting who you are can be the result of Alzheimer’s and dementia. There are some ways that music can help since there is no cure for either of these conditions.

Music can work by lowering the stress hormone levels in the body, making your loved one feel more peaceful and relaxed over time, reducing blood pressure, stress, and heart rate altogether. This can help because these conditions can cause an outburst of aggression and anger even with the smallest amount of stress.

Mental health benefits of music therapy

Music can also reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and improve the overall mental health of the listener. The aim of music therapy is to allow people to express themselves and address any issues in a way that they can’t with just words.

Older adults are common sufferers of dementia and depression. The bettering of the quality of life for seniors makes music therapy a viable tool in the treatment of depression.

Isolation can greatly impact the mental health of older adults. A group music therapy session will create a means of communicating with others that normally they wouldn’t have access to. Seniors who experience difficulties with communicating verbally can improve their communication skills just by regularly listening to music.

This has also been used as a treatment for people who have experienced any trauma and helps them to boost their mood and reduce stress. In the event of a crisis, music therapy has become so effective for treating trauma that it has been considered the second wave of relief. It gives older adults who are coping with trauma the chance to express any feelings of anxiety safely in a relaxed environment.

Home care agencies in Brookline and Boston MA incorporate more music

Our home care agencies will help you to keep the music going in the life of your senior loved ones. They can also help to keep track of any local events to see if any of these events involve music that your loved one might enjoy. You can even take the extra step by signing your loved one up for a music streaming service so they can have more options to choose from.

All our caregivers have been trained specifically to provide in-home care as certified home health aid or a certified nursing assistant. They have gone through a rigorous background check and are insured. In addition, they receive regular training to enhance their clinical skills and teamwork.

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