Top home care assistance discusses what to do after your loved one falls

Home care assistance providers in Brookline and Boston MA area understand that it can be terrifying when a loved one falls for the first time. Everything in their life can feel shaken even if your loved one is lucky enough to get through the incident without any serious injuries. You may even get a better understanding of how real their physical decline has become. Your loved ones may feel as if they can no longer trust their own bodies or the ground that is beneath them. Simple things such as moving around the house will start to be a constant worry. The threat of a fall can be an overwhelming and unavoidable feeling since 55% of falls can happen inside of a home. Also, a fall can be a big indicator of another fall in the future since your loved one can be twice as likely to fall again after falling the first time.

The prevention of falls for your loved one can often be a major point of focus, however, the reality is that they can and do fall. For this reason, it will be important for caregivers to understand how to respond in the event that a loved one falls.

Stay calm and supportive

When your loved one falls, it can be a worrisome, stressful, and scary situation, however, it is important to stay strong for them. You do not have to go through this alone if the daily care of your loved one is causing you emotional and physical strain. A home care assistance provider will be trained to support you and your loved one. Love and support are the most important thing that you can give to them during their recovery.

When to call 911

If your loved one takes blood thinners, then even a minor injury could be serious, and it’s important to call 911 or take them to the doctor. Call 911 if your heart rate or breathing becomes fast, or if you have trouble breathing, or feel sleepy, fait or dizzy.

Have a doctor perform an assessment for any underlying illness

A doctor will almost always perform an assessment if a senior has been showing signs of delirium, weakness, or other signs of illness.

This is also the time to bring up any symptoms that you have been noticing and inform the doctor of how quickly these changes happened.

A fall can happen due to weakness from just about any new health problem, some common ones include dehydration, UTIs, pneumonia, anemia, and heart problems such as atrial fibrillation.

Remove other possible fall hazards

As we have mentioned, your loved one can be at a higher risk of falling again after their first fall. For this reason, you should take the necessary action to prevent another fall. You may want to consider adding safety features such as non-slip mats and safety rails in the kitchen and bathroom of your loved one’s home to make it less likely for them to fall on a slippery floor. Ramps can also be installed over the stairs that are making it hard for them to climb.

Home care assistance in Boston MA: enlist a caregiver

Home care assistance professionals can bring an experienced point of view to your loved one’s home to help eliminate any falling hazards as well as help be sure that they are taking any prescribed medications, exercising, etc. Suggestions from a professional can be more receptive to your loved one rather than from family and friends, due to it being seen as expert advice instead of criticism. Also, regular visits from an experienced caregiver can work as a reminder for activity as well as provide a home safety assessment, and in the worst-case scenario, this will give you another set of eyes to check in on your loved one.

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