Elder care for your loved one should include physical activity, here’s why

Elder care experts in Brookline and Boston MA have repeated time and time: exercise is even more critical for seniors and aging adults than younger ones. Regular exercise and physical activity for seniors can help improve physical and mental health. Both will help maintain your loved one’s independence as they age.

You may have some concerns about the safety of your loved one when exercising. However, the benefits of physical activity far outweigh the risks. While seniors may take a longer time to recover from injuries, moderate levels of exercise are suitable for all ages and can be done without a high risk of injuries.

Why seniors should be active

There are many benefits that come from regular exercise, including the reduced amount of blood lipids, improvements in blood sugar management and blood pressure, better joint, and bone health, and neuro-cognitive function preservation.

Other benefits that your loved one can receive from physical activity are:

Weight regulation: Exercise can result in a healthy muscle mass and improved metabolism for your loved one. Our metabolisms slow down with age and make it more challenging to keep unnecessary weight off. Your loved ones can keep their metabolism up by staying active and maintaining a healthy weight that they are happy with.

Disease prevention: Many common diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, can be prevented by maintaining a regular physical activity schedule. Your loved one’s overall immune function can be improved through exercise, which will be significant because seniors can often have a weakened immune system. Simple activities, such as walking, can have a powerful effect on disease management.

Mental health: Frequent exercise and an active lifestyle has many benefits. When muscle-generated mood boosters are activated during exercise, it has been shown to help fight depression and reduce stress. Brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease can have their progression slowed down when maintaining regular levels of physical activity.

Prevent falls: The leading cause of injuries in adults over the age of 65 is falling. A fall can result in a significant reduction in your loved one’s quality of life and a decrease in independence. It can be very devasting for an older adult to experience a hip fracture after a fall. However, exercise can improve bone density, muscle tone, and balance, and these factors can reduce the risk of a hip fracture.

Elder care in Brookline and Boston MA recommend exercise

Elder care experts can help during this time when it can be challenging to determine what activities to do. An excellent place to start is to choose an activity that your loved one is interested in and enjoys doing.

You can make a list of activities and be sure to make any adjustments according to what your loved one is able to do.

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