Elderly care services: how can a doctor prevent your loved one from falls?

Elderly care services in Boston and Brookline MA can help your loved ones live comfortably in their own home. Part of this service involves the prevention of falls. In our previous post, we talk about five simple things you can do to prevent falls at home and how exercise can help too.

Another place that your loved one can get help is at their doctor’s office. Throughout the year, one out of three seniors will fall, but less than half of people that have experienced the fall will speak with their doctors about this situation. Falls are the number one cause of injuries such as cuts, hip fractures, as well as serious brain and head injuries that can be fatal. A fall can also be so frightening to your loved ones that they may choose to avoid certain activities out of fear that they will fall again.

Even when not injured, you and your loved one should speak with a doctor during the next checkup because this can be a sign of a problem with their medications or eyesight or a new medical problem. But what else can a doctor do to help prevent a fall?

Review medication

The purpose of reviewing the medications that your loved one is taking is to identify any medications that are possibly increasing the risk of a fall.

When the medications have been identified, the doctor will work with you and your loved one to try to reduce or eliminate the use of the medication. This process is known as “deprescribing”.

During this medication review, your loved one and their doctor will need to reconsider the medications and be sure that the benefits of continued use will outweigh the possible risks.

Monitor blood pressure

When standing from a rested position and experiencing a sudden feeling of weakness and buckling in the knees is the result of low blood pressure known as fainting.

When your loved one’s blood pressure isn’t high enough to move blood to the brain efficiently, the brain will sense this warning and take the necessary action.

Your loved one’s doctor can recommend a blood pressure cuff to keep an eye on their blood pressure and ensure that they aren’t doing anything that is too strenuous while their blood pressure is at a low level.

Fall risk assessment

There are three questions that a doctor should ask your loved one about falling, including: Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking? Have you fallen in the past year? And are you afraid of falling?

Answering yes to any of these questions will make your loved one a good candidate for a fall risk assessment. Afterward, the doctor should evaluate the chances of falls through a brief screening.

Elderly care services in Brookline and Boston MA: get a personalized plan

Elderly care services can work in conjunction with a plan that has been put into place by the doctor after identifying any risk factors and determining ways to address them. Extra care should also be taken when your loved one has been prescribed any new medications or when returning home from the hospital due to any possible feelings of weakness, exhaustion, or disorientation.

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