Home care agency: how staying social can benefit seniors

Home care agency in Brookline and Boston MA: home care professionals are well aware of the benefits to your body from physical activities. Exercise can improve your balance and get your heart rate up, as well as increase your overall mobility and strength. But, did you know that as you age, engaging with others will be just as important as exercise for your overall health? Due to family and friends moving away, it can be challenging for seniors to connect as well as limited mobility.

This can lead to loneliness and isolation, this can have detrimental effects on mental, physical, and emotional health. To put it another way, a key to healthy aging is social wellness.

Why is this important?

Connecting with others and creating social relationships is a huge part of what shapes you throughout your lifetime. No matter whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, having a life that involves social activity with family and friends can boost the quality of life for you and your loved one.

Benefits of socializing

Many seniors who live a fulfilling social life are more prone to avoid many of the cognitive, physical, and emotional challenges that seniors face who stay isolated. There are many important benefits that socialization has to improve the health of your loved one, including:

Better emotional health: Being social can help to keep you in a positive mood, much like physical exercise. This will help to keep anxiety and depression at bay and reduce stress.

Better cognitive function: Your brain will stay engaged during social activities; this is important to help prevent the onset of dementia. Your brain can keep active and reduce the feeling of isolation by connecting with people and being social.

Improve physical health: Physical activity tends to be a side effect for most seniors who are socially active. Also, when eating with others, they will start to make better choices with food and eat more.

Boost your immune system: It has been shown that seniors who stay engaged with other people have a higher level of functioning with their immune systems. The immune system can be weakened by chronic depression and stress. As you have already read, anxiety and depression can be minimized through socialization.

Home care agency in Brookline and Boston MA

A home care agency can help your loved one reduce the risk of loneliness by making social interactions easier. Some of the hard truths about aging are that staying social can become more difficult for many reasons, including friends passing away, spending many years being stuck in your own ways and habits, and becoming less inclined to meet new people. But, having help to make social interactions easier and finding new things to do can be the difference between a healthy life and living in loneliness.

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