Home care agency discusses the misconceptions of in-home care for seniors

A home care agency, in Brookline and Boston MA, may not be completely understood. Many don’t understand what a home care agency does and may have some misconceptions.  Thanks to these false beliefs, many households fail to take proper care of their loved ones. There are many families who are apprehensive about bringing on a caregiver, and for them, these care providers are just strangers who will be looking after their loved ones in their homes.

There are many myths about at-home care that prevent a lot of families from trusting an at-home caregiver to take care of their parents or grandparents. Little do these families know that a professional in-home caregiver can help their loved ones with their health care. Whether it’s for the short or long-term, it’s time to end these misconceptions.

To address any of your concerns, it is always best to talk to a home care agency, and this way, the agency can listen to your needs. Here are the most common misconceptions that many people have about in-home care and what you can expect for your loved one.

Home care is only for those who are severely ill

Seniors who have a terminal illness can significantly benefit from in-home care, but these services aren’t just for them. As a matter of fact, there are both non-medical and medical care services available that can help all seniors.

The non-medical care services assist with daily living activities and help with meal preparation every day. Depending on the requirements of your loved one, you can hire a caregiver to help on a part-time or full-time basis. They also ensure that seniors are not feeling lonely by providing a form of companionship. There are also care services to help seniors recover from surgery or an injury regardless of age.

It doesn’t provide the same level of care as an institution

An institution has benefits such as meal services and around-the-clock supervision. However, that doesn’t mean in-home caregivers don’t provide the same quality service. A caregiver can offer more personalized care, and your loved one can stay in the same environment that they have lived in.

Seniors with a family member providing care don’t need in-home care

A family member who is providing care to a loved one will often not have a beak. They usually are on-call all day and night in case their loved one needs them if something should happen. You may feel emotionally drained if you have been the sole caregiver to your loved one. Having an in-home caregiver provide the needed care to help take some of the responsibility off your shoulders to prevent you from feeling burnt out.

A home care agency in Brookline and Boston MA for your senior

By asking a home care agency about their process in screening their new applicants, including if they’re conducting a background check, you will eliminate the chances of abuse happening to your loved one.

Ask about the training that the caregiver has and any certifications they have received when interviewing. Typically, the agency’s supervisor will oversee the work of the caregiver.

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