Senior caregivers can help your loved one exercise to help prevent falls

Senior caregivers in Brookline and the Boston MA area have seen it all before- seniors trying to live a full life in their home who experience a fall that results in a serious injury. As we age, falls can become more likely to happen due to changes in our bodies and health conditions. Also, sometimes the medications prescribed to treat these conditions can be a factor. Falls are a leading cause of injuries for senior adults, but the fear of falling does not need to be in charge of your loved one’s daily life. There are things that you can do to prevent falls at home, including exercise. But, how does exercise help?

Fall risks

The risks of a senior falling in their home is typically related to a combination of factors such as:

  • Problems with walking and/or balance. Vestibular problems, changes in vision, and changes in feet sensation can affect balance.
  • When a person takes five or more medications, it can increase the risk of falling.
  • Hazards in the home, including dim lighting.
  • Low blood pressure when standing.
  • Footwear issues.

How does exercise help to prevent a fall?

As an older adult, you or your loved one may be at risk of tripping or falling. This can cause broken bones or other serious injuries.

Exercises can help to prevent falls from happening because they can:

  • Improve balance
  • Increase muscle flexibility and strength
  • Increase amount of activity

To prevent falls, physical activity can go a long way. You may want to consider activities such as water workouts, walking, or a gentle exercise that involves slow, graceful movements such as Tai Chi.

Exercises for flexibility and balance

As we have mentioned, exercise strengthens the muscles and improves balance. Before starting any exercise routine, be sure to check in with a medical professional to make sure it’s safe to do so.

You may consider a mixture of the following exercises for the greatest benefit:

  • Aerobic walking to strengthen the lower body and legs.
  • Tai Chi to improve balance and muscle strength
  • Stretching the joints and muscles to remain flexible
  • Strength and resistance training using elastic bands, hand weights, or even a weight machine to be the strength in your upper and lower body.

You can also consider other exercises such as side leg lifts, heel raises, and standing heel lifts as a way to prevent falls.

Senior caregivers in Brookline and Boston MA: next steps

Senior caregivers can help to recommend simple exercises to help build your balance and strength. Just make sure that you clear these new activities with a medical professional and avoid straining yourself when you get started.

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