Senior home services: how to safely enjoy the summer outdoors

Senior home services during the summer can be exciting and bring a desire to get outside and be active. This can be great, but for senior loved ones who have higher heat sensitivity, there is a little more caution that will need to be taken when it comes to fulfilling any plans outside in the sun.

Being careful and sticking to a few main safety tips can help you and your loved one to enjoy most of the activities that the summer brings.

Here are some important tips to protect your loved ones or yourself and enjoy the summer safely.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Caregivers understand the need for sunscreen. For many older adults who grew up never wearing any sunscreen at all this can be a novelty. They can often not apply enough or reapply as frequently as needed. If your senior family members plan on spending any time outdoors during the summer, it will be important to invest in a quality sunscreen and apply an ample amount every two or three hours, this will depend on the strength of the sun and any activities that will be done during the day.

Stay hydrated

Because they lose their ability to conserve water while they age, seniors are more susceptible to dehydration compared to younger people. They can also have difficulty adjusting to any changes in temperature and become less aware of their thirst. Be sure to pack water during any long summer drives and remember to drink often.

Limit any strenuous exercise and activities

Adding any strenuous activities can be detrimental when your body is already working hard enough during the hot days of summer. If your loved one exercises regularly, you can try it during the late evenings or early mornings. You can help to limit exposure to the heat by planning activities around the hottest times of the day.

Keep any medications stored properly

Some medications may need to be stored in a cool place to work effectively and rising temperatures can affect them. Also, some medications can require your loved one to stay out of the sun. Be sure to speak with a doctor about any of the concerns you may have and make sure to read the labels on the prescription to keep the medication working as it should.

Senior home services in Brookline and Boston MA

Senior home services can help to keep your loved ones from experiencing any illnesses related to the heat by following these tips. However, you should always be prepared for the worse just in case.

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